Industrial hose (38mm)


Industrial hose with 38mm inner diameter. The inside of the Industrial hose is completely smooth which is perfect for sucking up dust and debree.

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The Industrial hose is a strong and very flexible hose that fits onto cyclone filter model 3 or any other inlet with a 50mm inner diameter. Its 3 to 5 meter length provides a wide working area.

The hose has an inner diameter of 38mm and can therefore transport considerably more air than standard hoses with a 32mm inner diameter. The Industrial nozzle fits many different dust ports due to its 38mm inner diameter and outer diameter ranging from 44mm to 45,5mm. Different hose adapters are available if the Industrial nozzle doesn’t fit your machine.

Do you have a powerful vacuum cleaner (Festool, Makita and Bosch blue among others)? Then we recommend the Industrial hose over the standard 32mm hose to prevent loss of suction power.

Important: the color of the hose has changed and is now black instead of blue-grey.


  • 3 meter with vacuum nozzle;
  • 5 meter with vacuum nozzle.

The Industrial hose fits onto:


  • The Industrial hose has a connector that slides into the side inlet of cyclone filter model 3. It also fits the T-pipe if you want to connect multiple hoses to your filter system.


  • Material: PVC;
  • Colour: black;
  • Inner diameter: 38mm;
  • Outer diameter: 48mm;
  • Flexibility: 4 (1=stiff / 5=extreme flexible);
  • Internal: smooth;
  • External: ribbed;
  • Length: 3 meter or 5 meter.


  • Industrial hose 3 meter of 5 meter;
  • Industrial nozzle;
  • Connector.


  • The color of the hose has changed and is now black instead of blue-grey.

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Additional information

Hose length

3 meter, 5 meter

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