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With the use of a T-pipe you can connect two hoses on one cyclone filter. This comes in handy when you need to filter dust from two different machines and exchanging the vacuum hose is troublesome because of a tight working area. Or you need to filter dust from one machine that has two dust ports. Some table saws have two dust ports: one at the back and one on top above the blade.

Fits onto:

Which connector is needed?

To connect the T-pipe to cyclone filter model 3, you need a standard connector.


  • Material: PVC;
  • Colour: dark grey;
  • Weight: 197 gram.


  • If you want to use the rubber reducer L or rubber reducer M in combination with the T-pipe, then it is recommended to glue the rubber reducer in the socket for extra strength. Due to the weight of the hose the rubber reducer can be pulled out of the socket. This can easily be avoided with a little glue.

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