75mm>50mm reducer

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75mm>50mm reducer

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The 75mm>50mm reducer reduces the inner and outer diameter of the L cyclone filter. The reducer is necessary when you want to connect a T-pipe or 90° corner attachment to the L cyclone filter. It is also necessary when you want to connect a 50mm vacuum hose, 40mm vacuum hose, 32mm vacuum hose, or the 2,5 meter complete vacuum hose to the cyclone filter model L.

Compatible with:


  • Material: PVC;
  • Colour: dark grey;
  • Weight: 138 gram.


  • If you want to use the 50mm>40mm rubber reducer or the 50mm>32mm rubber reducer in combination with the 75mm>50mm reducer, then it is recommended to glue the rubber reducer in the socket for extra strength. Due to the weight of the hose the rubber reducer can be pulled out of the socket. This can easily be avoided with a little glue.

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