Antistatic Superflex 50mm hose – 2,5 meter

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The 2,5 meter antistatic Superflex 50mm hose with antistatic Superflex nozzle is a very strong and flexible hose that can handle not only more air flow but also larger chips due to its larger inner diameter (50mm). Because it is made of conductive material, it can be grounded to reduce static electricity.

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The antistatic Superflex 50mm hose is a very strong, light, and flexible antistatic hose. Both the jacket and nozzle of this hose are made of antistatic material, making them conductive (resistance ≤10⁹). This allows static electricity to be safely discharged to a grounding point through the copper spiral, preventing the hose from giving off any dangerous electric shock. The hose can easily be grounded using our Antistatic Kit (ESD).

The wall thickness of this antistatic Superflex 50mm hose is almost 40% thicker than standard antistatic polyurethane hoses available on the market. This makes it more resistant to the abrasive action of dust, chips, and other abrasive materials. As a result, the antistatic Superflex 50mm hose lasts longer than standard antistatic polyurethane hoses.


  • 2,5 meter antistatic Superflex 50mm hose with antistatic Superflex nozzle.

The indicated length of our antistatic Superflex hoses is the length of the hose when it is at rest. This means that an antistatic Superflex hose of, for example, 5 meters, is actually 5 meters long without the need to stretch the hose. Most standard antistatic polyurethane hoses available in the market are accordion hoses, and they only reach their specified length when stretched. In some accordion hoses, the actual length at rest is up to 30% shorter than the specified length, so a 5 meter hose is only 3,5 meters long when at rest. Our antistatic Superflex hoses are not accordion hoses: a 5 meter antistatic Superflex hose is actually 5 meters long when at rest.

Another disadvantage of accordion hoses is that there is always a pulling force on the hose, which can hinder maneuverability during certain tasks. In addition, accordion hoses tend to lutterwhen the dust extraction is turned on, as changes in the airflow cause the accordion hose to retract and then relax (which is repeated continuously). If an accordion hose is not properly secured in or around a dust port, it may come loose. The antistatic Superflex hose is not an accordion hose and therefore will not flutter. This ensures that the antistatic Superflex hose always stays firmly in or around the dust port.

Fits onto:

All cyclone filters, filter combinations, and filter sets state the amount and version of the connectors that are included. You can easily check whether enough connectors are supplied or whether one or more extra connectors are required for your specific situation.


  • Material: polyurethane (transparent) + copper;
  • Inner diameter: 50mm;
  • Outer diameter: 58mm;
  • Wall thickness: 0.55mm;
  • Reinforcement: copper spiral;
  • Antistatic casing: 10⁹ ohms;
  • Grounding options: copper spiral;
  • Temperature range: -40°c | +90°c;
  • Self-extinguishing: compliant with din-4102 in b1 class;
  • Ozone-resistant;
  • Phthalate-free;
  • O-phthalate-free;
  • Flexibility: 5/5 (1=stiff / 5=extremely flexible);
  • Internal: slightly ribbed;
  • External: ribbed.


  • Antistatic hoses must always be grounded for their anti-static properties to work properly. Use our Antistatic Kit (ESD) for this purpose.
  • If the generation of static electricity needs to be minimized as much as possible, we recommend not only using an antistatic hose, but also ensuring that every part of the filtering system is made of electrically conductive material. This includes, for example, a metal dustbin and a metal cyclone filter. This will enable the entire system to be grounded.
  • Before use, measure the filtering system with a multimeter to ensure that all components have a conductive connection with each other and are properly connected to a grounding point.
  • Although the Superflex 50mm hose with its 0.55mm thick polyurethane jacket is very strong, it is recommended to choose a hose with a smoother inner surface for prolonged filtering of strongly abrasive material (such as glass and metal debris, as well as certain types of stone debris). If you are looking for a polyurethane hose with a smooth inner surface, please contact us to inquire about the options.
  • All suction hoses are cut to size by ourselves. Because custom work is manual labor, the actual length of the suction hose may be slightly different. A margin of 3% is applied: a suction hose of 1 meter can therefore be 3 centimeters longer or shorter.
  • The antistatic Superflex 50mm hose comes with one antistatic Superflex suction nozzle. The other end of the hose is ‘bare’.
  • The Superflex hose adapter (as an extra option) is not antistatic.
  • The Superflex connectors (as extra options) are not antistatic.
If you have any questions, most answers can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question is not answered there, we are happy to assist you. Please contact us via our contact page.

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