Rubber gasket model XXL Metal

 8,95 (incl. btw)

Rubber gasket model XXL Metal is used for an airtight connecting of the metal cyclone filter model XXL onto a dustbin.

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High-quality sealing gasket made of industrial NBR rubber for airtight attachment of the metal cyclone filter model XXL to a dustbin. Filter systems without a gasket run the risk of air being sucked in through the gaps, causing loss of suction and reduced filter performance. All our filter systems (cyclone filter + dustbin) are therefore supplied with a rubber sealing gasket. We only supply NBR rubber gaskets, because gaskets made of foam or cork, for example, decay over time. Air can then be sucked in through gaps, reducing filter performance.

Fits onto:


  • Material: NBR rubber;
  • Thickness: 2mm;
  • Colour: black.
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