Filter combination M-60M Set

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The filter combination M-60M Set is our fully metal cyclone filter system that comes with a very strong and durable dolly. Because this system is made from metal it can easily be grounded to reduce static electricity. The metal cyclone filter is the best choice when abbrasive materials are being sucked up.

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This filter system is a dust separator and ideal for sucking up dust, wood chips, sharp grit etc. in the (home) workshop or, for example, at home during a renovation. The system works as a pre-separator, filtering up to 99,99% of the dust which therefore does not end up in the vacuum cleaner.


  • Replace far fewer vacuum cleaner bags because almost all the dust ends up in the dustbin;
  • Continuous maximum suction power because the vacuum cleaner bag hardly fills up;
  • Work longer with the use of a larger dustbin in comparison with a vacuum cleaner bag;
  • Longer lifespan of the vacuum cleaner due to less wear and tear on the engine.

Almost all vacuum cleaners can be connected to the filter system: standard household vacuum cleaners, (professional) construction cleaners and extraction systems.

Filter combination M-60M consists of a metal cyclone filter and a 32 liter metal dustbin. The system can be grounded to prevent the buildup of dangerous static electricity. The metal filter system is the ideal dust collector for filtering dust that has abrasive properties. For instance: glas dust, metal dust, and sharp stone dust.

The metal filter can filter dust up to 99,99%. The rubber gasket between the base of the filter and the lid of the dustbin ensures an airtight connection. Filter systems without such a rubber gasket run the risk of leaking air through the cracks between the base of the filter and the lid of the dustbin which would negatively impact the performance of the filter system.

The dustbin has a protective coating on the inside, making it more resistant to humid environments. Dustbins without a protective coating will rust quicker from the inside when stored in very humid places. The dustbin has a clamping lid and is airtight due to a rubber seal in the lid. Because the dustbin has two reinforcement rings, it cannot collapse under vacuum pressure. Something that often happens with weak metal barrels and plastic buckets (see photo).

To be used with dust extraction:

  • Sander;
  • Table saw;
  • Sand blast cabinet;
  • Router;
  • Mitre saw;
  • Wall and floor grinder;
  • CNC router;
  • Vacuuming of (construction) floors;
  • And many other applications.


  • Filters up to 99,99%;
  • Minimum air flow: 1670 liter per minute (100m3/h);
  • Maximum air flow: 5833 liter per minute (350m3/h);
  • Inlet and outlet inner diameter: 51mm;
  • Inlet and outlet outer diameter: 53,5mm;
  • Height: 935mm (without dolly);
  • Width: 400mm (without dolly);
  • Material filter: metal;
  • Material dustbin: metal;
  • Grounding possibilities: yes.


  • Metal cyclone filter;
  • 60 liter dustbin;
  • Portable dolly;
  • Rubber gasket;
  • Fasteners.


  • The inner diameter of the top opening of the metal filter is 46mm. We have no rubber reducers with 46mm outer diameter that fit in the 46mm opening, only reducers with a 50mm outer diameter.
  • To increase the inside diameter of the top opening of the filter you can use a pvc pipe with a 50mm inner diameter. That pipe will slide over the top inlet of the cyclone filter.

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