Portable dolly

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With the portable dolly, a filter system can be easily moved without the need for lifting. Ideal for when the dustbin is full of heavy materials. The dolly is designed with a focus on robustness and functionality.

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The portable dolly is specially designed by us to fit precisely with our 60-liter metal dustbin filter systems. Using the dolly, a filter system can be easily moved without the need for lifting, which is ideal when the dustbin is full of heavy materials. The design of the dolly focuses on robustness and functionality. The steel used in the dolly is more than 4mm thick, making it very strong and capable of withstanding rough handling, yet it remains lightweight enough to be easily portable.

The large wheels are made of thermoplastic rubber, ensuring they won’t leave marks on the floor. With a diameter of 80mm, the wheels can effortlessly move over uneven surfaces like construction floors and rough tile floors. Two out of the four wheels are double-braked, securing both the rolling and swiveling directions, providing a firm anchor for the filter system. The wheels extend significantly below the dustbin, ensuring it remains stable and won’t tip over during movement – a common issue with dollys where the wheels are placed directly under the dustbin or don’t extend far enough.

The dolly has a high 60mm raised edge, ensuring the dustbin remains securely in place. The edge is protected by a rubber profile to prevent damage to the dustbin when lifting it in and out or moving it over bumpy surfaces. The dolly’s axles also have rubber damping strips, reducing vibrations and noise during movement. Additionally, the rubber strips protect the axles from scratches caused by the dustbin resting on them.

Furthermore, the dolly is equipped with a towing eye, allowing it to be attached to a floor milling machine, enabling the filter system to follow the machine, improving work efficiency.


  • Material: Steel;
  • Metal thickness: 4,2mm;
  • Wheel configuration: Four swivel wheels, two of which are double-braked;
  • Wheel material: Thermoplastic rubber;
  • Wheel diameter: 80mm;
  • Wheel color: Grey;
  • Load capacity: 100kg;
  • Inner diameter: 375mm;
  • Color: Blue;
  • Weight: 6,8kg.


  • Portable dolly;
  • Swivel wheels;
  • Fasteners.


  • The color of the wheels has been changed from black to grey.

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