Filter combination 3-60P


Filter combination 3-60P dust separator


This filter system is a dust separator and ideal for sucking up dust, wood chips, grit etc. in the (home) workshop or, for example, at home during a renovation. The system works as a pre-separator, filtering up to 99% of the dust which therefore does not end up in the vacuum cleaner.


  • Replace far fewer vacuum cleaner bags because almost all the dust ends up in the dustbin;
  • Continuous maximum suction power because the vacuum cleaner bag hardly fills up;
  • Work longer with the use of a larger dustbin in comparison with a vacuum cleaner bag;
  • Longer lifespan of the vacuum cleaner due to less wear and tear on the engine.

Almost all vacuum cleaners can be connected to the filter system: standard household vacuum cleaners, (professional) construction cleaners and extraction systems.

Filter combination 3-60P consists of cyclone filter model 3 and a 60 liter HDPE dustbin. Cyclone filter model 3 filters up to 99% of the dust whereas cyclone filter model 2 filters up to 95%.

The rubber gasket between the base of the cyclone filter and the lid of the dustbin ensures an airtight connection. Filter systems without such a rubber gasket run the risk of leaking air through the cracks between the base of the filter and the lid of the dustbin.

The dustbin has a clamping lid and is airtight due to a rubber seal in the lid. The two handles make moving the filter system easy, even when the dustbin is full.

The set is made of high-strength ABS and HDPE, making it safe to store the system in damp, unheated workshops and sheds without the risk of rusting.

To be used with dust extraction:

  • Sander;
  • Table saw;
  • Sand blast cabinet;
  • Router;
  • Mitre saw;
  • Wall and floor grinder;
  • CNC router;
  • Vacuuming of (construction) floors;
  • And many other applications.


  • Filters up to 99%;
  • Airflow: 280m3/h maximum | 175m3/h minimum;
  • Inlet/outlet: outer diameter 55mm | inner diameter 50mm;
  • Height: 910mm;
  • Width: 400mm.


  • Cyclone filter model 3 (black);
  • 60 liter HDPE dustbin;
  • Rubber gasket;
  • 2 x 50mm connector: outer diameter 50mm | inner diameter 46mm;
  • 2 x hose clamp: range 40mm to 64mm;
  • Fasteners.


  • Despite the fact that the 60 liter HDPE dustbin has very thick walls and is therefore resistant to a large negative pressure, care must be taken to ensure that the negative pressure in the dustbin does not become too great. The air drawn in must be able to flow freely through the filter system to the vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner will continue to run at full speed without enough air being drawn in, causing excessive underpressure and causing the dustbin to dent. Therefore, always prevent the airflow from being obstructed or restricted. When used correctly, the dustbins of all our filter systems will not dent.

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