ESD cable 20cm (1.2m)

 2,95 (incl. btw)

ESD cable form making a conductive connection between an antistatic vacuum hose and the rest of the filter system.

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ESD cable with which an electrical connection can be made between an anti-static extraction hose and a filter.

At rest the cable has a length of 20cm, when stretched the cable length is 80cm. Because the cable is curled, the cable will not break if it is accidentally pulled hard (for example when moving the filter system). The cable will then stretch and then return to its resting position.


  • Measure the entire system before putting it into use to ensure that all components have a conductive connection to each other and to the earth ground of your room.
  • All our ESD cables show two lengths: the cable length at rest and the cable length in the stretched state. Other providers only display the stretched cable length, which means that the cables are often too short.

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