Antistatic Superflex 50mm nozzle (AS)

 18,95 (incl. btw)

The antistatic Superflex 50mm nozzle (AS) is ideal for situations where static electricity needs to be reduced. The nozzle is made of rubber.

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The antistatic Superflex 50mm nozzle is slightly tapered and is smooth both inside and out. This makes it easy to slide the nozzle into or over a dust port and clamps itself into place.

Fits onto:

  • Superflex antistatic hose;
  • Hoses with 58mm outer diameter;
  • Superflex hose adapter.

The Superflex hose adapter (sold separately) fits on the antistatic Superflex nozzle, so that it can also be connected to smaller dust ports.


  • Material: antistatic rubber;
  • Colour black;
  • Antistatic: <105Ω
  • Weight: 55 grams.


  • Measure the entire system before putting it into use to ensure that all components have a conductive connection to each other and with the ground of your electrical system.
  • The optional Superflex hose adapter is not made of antistatic material.

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