Antistatic Pro-X 32mm nozzle (AS)

 23,95 (incl. btw)

The antistatic Pro-X 32mm nozzle (AS) is a rotating nozzle with variable air inlet for hoses with 32mm inner diameter (40mm outer diameter). Ideal for applications where smooth tool movement is a must, for example when working with a router or sander. The hose will always move neatly during these activities without getting in the way and snaking annoyingly.

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The antistatic Pro-X 32mm nozzle (AS) is specially designed to be connected to a wide range of machines. The nozzle is suitable for almost all brands: Bosch, Festool, DeWalt, Makita and many others. It fits all hoses with a 40mm outer diameter (32mm inner diameter).


Both the outside and the inside are made of very strong rubber. This allows the nozzle to slide securely into or over the dust port of the machine. The nozzle is screwed onto a 32mm hose (outer diameter 40mm) by means of a rotating bayonet and can therefore rotate smoothly. Perfect when working with, for example, a sander or router that requires a lot of movements. The hose will move neatly without getting in the way.

The nozzle also has a variable air inlet that makes it possible to precisely adjust the suction power for specific tasks, for example when used on a sander. By reducing the suction force via the variable air inlet, you can easily prevent the sander from wanting to attach itself to the surface to be sanded. This means that sanding can be done with less resistance and yet all the dust is sucked away.

Hose upgrade:

All filter packages include an extraction hose with a standard suction nozzle. It is possible to replace the standard suction nozzle with the more widely applicable, multifunctional anti-static Pro-X suction nozzle. On the page of each filter package you can indicate which suction mouth you want. As a replacement for the standard anti-static suction nozzle, the antistatic Pro-X nozzle costs only €17.95 instead of €23.95 (25% discount).

Fits onto:

  • 32mm hose (40mm outer diameter);
  • Universal hose adapter 5-stage;
  • 35mm>24mm hose adapter;
  • Suction brush Round – 35mm>31mm hose adapter required;
  • Suction Brush Wide – 35mm>31mm hose adapter required.


  • Material: antistatic rubber and PP;
  • Color: black and blue;
  • Conductivity: <105Ω
  • Weight: 85 grams.

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