Hose Clamp

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Hose Clamp


Hose clamp for securing 58mm exhaust hose.


  • Material: iron;
  • Range 40mm t/M 64mm.


For each filter, filter combination and filter package It is indicated how many hose clamps are included. In most cases, it is not necessary to order a hose clamp with it. There are two situations in which an (extra) hose clamp is needed:

  1. You want the metal Cyclone filter with 58mm suction hose. The entrance to the metal filter is 50mm outer diameter. The 58mm exhaust hose has an inner diameter of 50mm and therefore slides over the side input of the metal filter. With the hose clamp, the hose can then be secured.
  2. You have a cyclone filter with a side input of 50mm outside diameter and want to connect a 58mm suction hose. The 58mm suction hose then slides just like the metal filter over the side entrance of your own filter. The hose clamp then ensures a firm fastening.

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