Vacuum hose (32mm)

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Vacuum hose with 32mm inner diameter.

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A vacuum hose with an inner diameter of 32mm and an outer diameter of 40mm. Fits onto:

Attachment: The 32mm vacuum hose is connected to cyclone filter model 2, and model 3 with the use of the 50mm>40mm rubber reducer. The reducer reduces the inside diameter of the side inlet of the cyclone filter from 50mm to 40mm. The vacuum hose has a 40mm outer diameter and slides firmly into the 50mm>40mm rubber reducer. Properties:

  • Material: PVC;
  • Strong and flexible;
  • Internal: smooth;
  • External: ribbed;
  • Flexibility: 4/5 (1=stiff / 5=extreme flexible);
  • Colour: grey.


  • The 32mm PVC vacuum hose cannot be grounded because it doesn’t have a copper spiral in it. If you want a vacuum hose that van be grounded, you can order the Superflex hose.
  • To connect the hose to cyclone filter model 2 or 3 first securely connect the rubber 50mm>40mm reducer to the hose and then push the rubber reducer into the inlet of the cyclone filter.
  • Order information: the total lentgh of the hose is determined by the amount that is ordered. For example: ‘amount = 3’ means a hose of 3 meters will be ordered (not 3 seperate hoses of 1 meter).
  • If you want to use an hose of 6 meters or longer, then an hose with a bigger inner diameter is recommended, for example the Industrial hose with 38mm inner diameter (instead of 32mm). A hose with an inner diameter of 32mm would create too much air resistance over a length of 6 meters or longer, resulting in a loss of suction power.
  • We cut all our hoses to size ourselves to ensure custom made products. Because it is manual work, the actual length of the hose can be slightly different. We use a margin of 1%: a ordered hose of 1 meter can therefore be 1 centimeter longer or shorter.

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