Antistatic Superflex hose (50mm)

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Antistatic Superflex vacuum hose with antistatic nozzle to prevent the buildup of a dangerous static charge.

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The antistatic Superflex hose is a very strong, light and flexible antistatic hose. The hose as well as the nozzle are made of antistatic material and are slightly conductive (≤109 ohms). This allows static electricity to be safely dissipated to a grounding point via the copper coil. The hose will therefore not give off (dangerous) electric shocks.

This antistatic Superflex hose also has a wall thickness that is almost 40% thicker than standard antistatic polyurethane hoses on the market. This makes it more resistant to the abrasion of dust, chips and other abrasive materials. The antistatic Superflex hose therefore lasts longer than standard antistatic polyurethane extraction hoses.


  • 2,5 meter antistatic Superflex hose;
  • 5 meter antistatic Superflex hose;
  • 7,5 meter antistatic Superflex hose;
  • 10 meter antistatic Superflex hose.

Fits onto:


A hose clamp is needed to connect the antistatic Superflex hose to the metal cyclone filter. The top and side inlets of the metal cyclone filter have a 50mm outer diameter. The hose with its 50mm inner diameter will slide right over it. A hose clamp is needed to secure the hose onto the inlet.

For a conductive connection between the hose and the metal filter, it is necessary to remove some of the black coating from the filter where the non-insulated copper coil touches the metal of the filter. This also applies to a conductive connection between the metal filter and a metal dustbin: a small amount of black coating needs to be removed where the bolts touch the base of the metal filter. The bolt will then function as a conductor between the metal filter and the metal dustbin.


  • Material: polyurethane + copper;
  • Colour: transparent;
  • Outer diameter: 58mm;
  • Inner diameter: 50mm;
  • Wall thickness: 0.55mm;
  • Antistatic material hose: 10ohms;
  • Grounding possibilities: copper spiral;
  • Temperature range: -40°c – 90°c;
  • Self-extinguising: conform din-4102 in b1 class;
  • Ozone resitance;
  • Phthalate free;
  • Reinforcement: copper spiral;
  • Flexibility: 5/5 (1=stiff / 5=extreme flexible);
  • Internal: ribbed;
  • External: ribbed.


  • An antistatic hose must always be grounded for its antistatic properties to function. Before using the filter system in an antistatic manner, measure the complete system with a multimeter to ensure that all parts have a conductive connection to each other and also are properly connected to a grounding point.
  • Although the Superflex hose is extremely strong due to its 0.55mm wall thickness, it is advisable to choose a vacuum hose with a smoother inside when filtering extremely sharp material (including glass and metal grit as well as certain types of stone grit) for a long time. If you are looking for a polyurethane suction hose with a smooth inside, please contact us to inquire about the possibilities.
  • Due to the smaller inner diameter of the side inlet of cyclone filter model 2, the 50mm connector cannot be inserted into it. Therefor, the Superflex hose cannot be attached to cyclone filter model 2.
  • All vacuum hoses are cut to size by ourselves. Because custom work is manual work, the actual length of the suction hose may be slightly different. We use a margin of 3%: a suction hose of 1 meter can therefore be 3 centimeter longer or shorter.

Do you have questions? Most answers can be found on our FAQ page. Can’t find the answer? Please do not hessitate to contact us via our contact page.

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2,5 meter with vacuum nozzle, 5 meter with vacuum nozzle, 7,5 meter with vacuum nozzle, 10 meter with vacuum nozzle

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