Polyurethane vacuum hose (50mm)


50mm polyurethane vacuum hose.



The polyurethane vacuum hose is a very flexible, lightweight, and abrasion resistant vacuum hose. It has an inner diameter of 50mm and an outer diameter of 56mm. Due to its bigger size it can handle a bigger airflow in comparison with standard vacuum hose with a 32mm inner diameter. Because there is less air resistance, the 50mm vacuum hose also prevents unnecessary cutoff of larger airflow created by stronger vacuum machines.


Inside the polyurethane vacuum hose there is a metal spiral than can be grounded. In some applications the use of a cyclone filter can lead to the build-up of static electricity. The metal plated spiral makes it possible to ground the hose, reducing or preventing static electricity.


The spiral of this vacuum hose doesn’t match the threads of the  Superflex nozzle and will  therefor not fit properly. If you wish a polyurethane vacuum hose with nozzle, then we recommend the SuperFlex R vacuum hose with Superflex nozzle.


  • 3 meter;
  • 6 meter.

Fits onto:


  • Cyclone filter model 3: If you want to connect the 50mm polyurethane vacuum hose to cyclone filter model 3, you need a 50mm connector with hose clamp. The connector slides halfway into the side inlet of the cyclone filter and reduces the outer diameter to 50mm. 50mm hose with its 50mm inner diameter then slides over the connector. The hose clamp ensures a strong connection.
  • Cyclone filter model L: The 50mm polyurethane vacuum hose can be connected to the L cyclone filter by using the L reducer kit. The kit consists of a 75mm>50mm reducer, and a 50mm connector with hose clamp. The reducer reduces the inner diameter of the filter from 75mm to 50mm. Next, the 50mm connector slides halfway into the 50mm opening of the reducer. Because the 50mm vacuum hose has an inner diameter of 50mm, it slides over the 50mm connector. With the included hose clamp the hose can be securely attached. In schematic order: L cyclone filter <– reducer <– connector <– 50mm vacuum hose.
  • Metal cyclone filter: to connect the 50mm polyurethane vacuum hose to the metal cyclone filter, you only need a hose clamp. The top and side inlets of the metal cyclone filter allready have a 50mm outer diameter. The hose will slide right over it. A hose clamp is needed to secure the hose onto the inlet.

All cyclone filters, filter combinations, and filter sets state the amount and version of the connectors that are included. You can easily check whether enough are supplied or whether one or more extra connectors are required for your specific situation. Extra connectors can be ordered below.


  • Material: polyurethane + metal;
  • Colour: transparent;
  • Inner diameter: 50mm;
  • Outer diameter: 56mm;
  • Wall thickness: 0.4mm;
  • Reinforcement: metal spiral;
  • Flexibility: 5/5 (1=stiff / 5=extreme flexible);
  • Internal: ribbed;
  • External: ribbed.


  • The spiral of this vacuum hose doesn’t match the threads of the Superflex vacuum nozzle. Therefor it will not fit properly. If you need a polyurethane vacuum hose with nozzle, we recommend the Superflex R that comes standard with the Superflex nozzle.
  • The polyurethane vacuum hose can be grounded with the use of its metal spiral.
  • The polyurethane vacuum hose owes its great flexibility to the copper spiral. Because the copper is wound into a long spiral, the hose will contract about 20% when in ‘rest position’. A hose of, for example, 5 meters is therefore 4 meters in rest position. The vacuum hose can easily be stretched to its 5 meters and will spring back when in rest position.
  • Although the polyurethane 50mm vacuum hose is strong due to its 0.4mm wall thickness, it is advisable to choose a vacuum hose with a smoother inside when filtering extremely sharp material (including glass and metal grit as well as certain types of stone grit) for a long time. If you are looking for a polyurethane suction hose with a smooth inside, please contact us to inquire about the possibilities.
  • Due to the smaller inner diameter of the side inlet of cyclone filter model 2, the 50mm connector cannot be inserted into it. Therefor, the 50mm polyurethane vacuum hose cannot be attached to cyclone filter model 2.
  • All vacuum hoses are cut to size by ourselves. Because custom work is manual work, the actual length of the suction hose may be slightly different. We use a margin of 3%: a suction hose of 1 meter can therefore be 3 centimeter longer or shorter.
  • Use a small amount of soap if the hose won’t slide easily over the standard 50mm connector.

Do you have questions? Most answers can be found on our FAQ page. Can’t find the answer? Please do not hessitate to contact us via our contact page.

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2,5 meter, 3 meter, 6 meter


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