Filter set L-60


Filter set L-60



This filter system is a dust separator and ideal for sucking up dust, wood chips, grit etc. in the (home) workshop or, for example, at home during a renovation. The system works as a pre-separator, filtering up to 95% of the dust which therefore does not end up in the vacuum cleaner.


  • Replace far fewer vacuum cleaner bags because almost all the dust ends up in the dustbin;
  • Continuous maximum suction power because the vacuum cleaner bag hardly fills up;
  • Work longer with the use of a larger dustbin in comparison with a vacuum cleaner bag;
  • Longer lifespan of the vacuum cleaner due to less wear and tear on the engine.

Because of the bigger size of this cyclone filter only industrial vacuum cleaners and air extraction systems are suitable.

Filter set L-60 is a complete filter set consisting of cyclone filter model L, the 60 liter metal dustbin, and a vacuum hose of your choice.

The rubber gasket between the base of the filter and the lid of the dustbin ensures an airtight connection. Filter systems without a rubber gasket run the risk of leaking air through the cracks between the base of the filter and the lid of the dustbin which would negatively impact the performance of the filter system.

The dustbin has a clamping lid and is airtight due to a rubber seal in the lid. Because the dustbin has two reinforcement rings, it cannot collapse under vacuum pressure. Something that often happens with weak metal barrels and plastic buckets. The set includes a polyurethane vacuum hose of your choice: 3 meter or 6 meter. Both hoses come with a 58mm nozzle.

Does the 58mm nozzle not fit in the dust ports of your machines? Then there are several types of hose adapters that can be ordered seperately. The 58mm nozzle can be reduced to fit smaller dust ports with the use of the 58mm>35mm hose adapter.

Fits onto:

The 58mm>35mm hose nozzle also makes the 58mm nozzle comptabile with other hose adapters.

Compatible with:


The 58mm vacuum hose can be connected to cyclone filter model L by using the L reducer kit. The kit consists of a 75mm>50mm reducer, and a 50mm connector with hose clamp. The reducer reduces the inside diameter of the filter from 75 mm to 50 mm. Next, the 50mm connector slides halfway into the 50mm opening of the reducer. Because the included vacuum hose has an inner diameter of 50 mm, it slides over the 50mm connector. With the included hose clamp the hose can be securely attached.

To be used with dust extraction:

  • Sander;
  • Table saw;
  • Sand blast cabinet;
  • Router;
  • Mitre saw;
  • Wall and floor grinder;
  • CNC router;
  • Vacuuming of (construction) floors;
  • And many other applications.


  • Filter set L-60 with 3 meter polyurethane vacuum hose;
  • Filter set L-60 with 6 meter polyurethane vacuum hose.


  • Filters up to 95%;
  • Airflow: 630m3/h maximum | 400m3/h minimum;
  • Inlet/outlet: outer diameter 83mm | inner diameter 75mm;
  • Height: 980mm;
  • Width: 400mm.


  • Cyclone filter model L;
  • Metal dustbin 60 liter;
  • Rubber gasket;
  • 58mm polyurethane vacuum hose of your choice. Lentgh: 3 meter or 6 meter;
  • 58mm nozzle;
  • 75mm>50mm reducer;
  • 50mm standard connector;
  • 1 x hose clamp: range 40mm till 64mm;
  • 1 x hose clamp: range 76mm till 92mm;
  • Fasteners.


  • The polyurethane vacuum hose owes its great flexibility to the copper spiral. Because the copper is wound into a long spiral, the hose will contract about 20% when in ‘rest position’. A hose of, for example, 6 meters is therefore 4,8 meters in rest position. The vacuum hose can easily be stretched to its 5 meters and will spring back when in rest position.
  • Although the polyurethane 58mm vacuum hose is many times stronger than the PVC vacuum hose, it is advisable to opt for the PVC vacuum hose when filtering out sharp material (including glass, metal, and sharp stone grit). This is because the PVC suction hose has a smooth inside walls, so that abrasion wear is less likely to occur. The polyurethane hose is not smooth on the inside and therefore more suitable for wood chips and other not too abrasive material.
  • All vacuum hoses are cut to size by ourselves. Because custom work is manual work, the actual length of the suction hose may be slightly different. We use a margin of 2%: a suction hose of 1 meter can therefore be 2 centimeters longer or shorter.
  • Use a small amount of soap if the hose won’t slide easily over the standard 50mm connector.

Do you have questions? Most answers can be found on our FAQ page. Can’t find the answer? Please do not hessitate to contact us via our contact page.

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3 meter polyurethane 58mm vacuum hose, 6 meter polyurethane 58mm vacuum hose