Filter set 3-20 Standard


Filter set 3-20 Standard for dust seperation


The filter system filters up to 99% of all the dust and therefor won’t end up in the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner. Result: far less changing of dust bags which saves a lot of money, retain longer full suction power, and extend the life span of the vacuum cleaner because of less wear and tear on the engine.

Complete filter set with cyclone filter model 3 and a 20 liter dustbin. The rubber gasket between the cyclone filter and the lid of the dustbin ensures an airtight connection. The dustbin has a clamping lid and is airtight due to a rubber seal in the lid. Because the dustbin has a removable inner ring as reinforcement, it cannot collapse under vacuum pressure. Something that often happens with weak metal barrels and plastic buckets (see photo). The included 5 meter ready-to-go hose ensures a large range so you do not have to move the filter system every time. Because the hose is attached to the side inlet of the filter by a rotating connector piece, the hose won’t twist as much.

The set is made of high-strength ABS and HDPE, making it safe to store the system in damp, unheated workshops and sheds without the risk of rusting.

Does the 35 mm nozzle of the included vacuum hose not fit in the dust ports of your machines? Then there are several types of hose adapters that can be ordered seperately. Also available as a discount cyclone filter set containing a vacuum brush, a 35mm>32mm hose adapter, and a universal four-stage hose adapter, or a Bosch/Festool hose adapter.

To be used with dust extraction:

  • Sander;
  • Table saw;
  • Sand blast cabinet;
  • Router;
  • Mitre saw;
  • Wall and floor grinder;
  • CNC router;
  • Vacuuming of (construction) floors;
  • And many other applications.


  • Filters up to 99%;
  • Airflow: 280m3/h maximum | 175m3/h minimum;
  • Inlet/outlet: outer diameter 55mm | inner diameter 50mm;
  • Height: 650mm;
  • Width: 320mm.


  • Cyclone filter model 3 (white);
  • 20 liter dust bin;
  • Rubber gasket;
  • Ready-to-go 5 meter vacuum hose;
  • 2 different sizes rubber reducers to be able to connect smaller nozzles (32mm up to 40mm outer diameter) to the top opening of the filter. Only one of the two reducer is necessary;
  • 1 x 50mm connector standard;
  • 1 x 50mm connector with gasket: the connector goes into the side opening of the cyclone filter. The rotating connector piece of the 5 meter ready-to-go hose is then shoved over the connector with gasket for an airtight connection;
  • 2 x hose clamp: range 40mm to 64mm;
  • Fasteners.


  • If you want to shorten the included 5 meter hose you can do that by unscrewing the rotating connector piece and shorten it from that end. The nozzle is glued on and cannot be unscrewed.

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