Where there is work

… there needs cleaning. But vacuum cleaner dust bags get full quickly and frequent swapping can be pricey. In addition, the suction power will get less and less as the bag gets fuller and fuller. This is easily avoided by using a cyclone filter system.

Cyclone filter systems work as a front separator. Up to 99% of the dust is prefiltered and therefore does not end up in the vacuum cleaner itself. Result: you need to replace far fewer vacuum cleaner bags, while still maintaining full suction power, and the vacuum cleaner engine will have a much longer life span.

Cyclone filter systems can be used in all circumstances where dust is present. For example:

  • Grinding in floors and walls;
  • Sand blasting cabinet;
  • Sanding machine;
  • Table saw;
  • Router;
  • And many other applications.
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